CBD So You Can TCB: Drop Shots in the Workplace

2023 is upon us, and much to our dismay, we can’t keep putting things off until “next year” anymore. We’ve circled back until we can’t circle anymore, and many of us are really feeling the burnout already creeping in. Don’t worry, though! Your new work bestie, Drop Shots, is coming through with a pick-me-up that’s sure to work better than whatever’s in the break room coffee pot.


Escape From the Rat Race

When you sit at a desk all day, sometimes you get those little aches and pains from staring at the monitor for too long or hunching over your keyboard (caught ya!). And when you’ve been off for the holidays, coming back to that office chair can be quite the buzzkill. Add in the pressure of that report you put off in December being due yesterday and an inbox that’s out of control, and you’ve got yourself one stressful workday. Aside from the usual advice of looking away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes, stretching or taking a walk around your cubicle (or whatever else the HR lady sends out in her “helpful” emails), may we suggest pairing that with a little CBD? Studies have shown that a CBD regimen including a product like our CBD + CBG oil can provide both pain relief and mental calm, making it a breeze to knock out that inbox without getting your neck in a knot.


A Treat for Aching Feet

But not everyone sits in front of a screen during their 8 to 5, so we’ve got you guys covered too! People who work in more physically demanding jobs need relief from being on their feet and using their strength to get their work done. Everyone from manual laborers to service industry workers can benefit from the use of a CBD regimen. Products like our CBD oil and HHC oil*, when used as a supplement to your wellness routine, can provide added benefits like muscle recovery and immunity-boosting power. No one likes to get sick, especially when you don’t have a job where you can fake it till you make it. 


Easier Days—No Haze

CBD?! But I’m at WORK!, you say? Hear us out. Drop Shots doesn’t endorse the use of recreational marijuana, and all of our products are hemp-derived and compliant with the legal limit of less than .3% THC. Better yet, many of our CBD products contain 0% THC, so technically you’re in the clear! Although we do suggest you keep your CDB products at home instead of in your desk drawer, just to make sure we’re all on the up and up. Concerned about drug testing? We mention it in our FAQs, but just note that it’s a good idea to check your employer’s policies just in case (we see you, HR).


After Work

When the workday is done, we all need to unwind a little. Some of us do that by going to the gym or by playing with our pets, or maybe by having a glass of wine and cooking ourselves a nice little dinner. Some of us stand over the kitchen sink eating takeout. To each their own—but when you’re on YOUR time, feel free to relax YOUR way—and if a little CBD is the way you do it, we’re certainly here for it.


And of course, sleep is one of the most important things you need for your overall health—but sometimes that can be the most elusive thing of all. The holidays certainly don’t help with sleep schedules, what with all the traveling and partying; so now that we’re in January and things are back to “normal,” you might find yourself struggling to get back into your snooze routine. Whether you are counting sheep or plagued with visions of spreadsheets and to-do lists, our CBN all-natural sleep aid may be just what you need to help you drift off into dreamland. 


So whatever your workplace goals are for 2023, Drop Shots is here to help you knock them out while feeling relaxed, pain-free and ready to tackle whatever your job throws your way. 


*HHC is prohibited in several US states. Please check your local laws before purchasing any Drop Shots product.

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