Gift Some Good Vibes - A Drop Shots Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, we think everyone could benefit from decking the halls with a little Delta 8. We get it though, not everyone is as hip to the CBD world as we are—after all, this is kinda what we do. But we’re here to educate you and give you the gift-giving guide you never knew you needed. Read on to make sure that this year, you’re the Santa supreme!


Your Fitness Bro

Studies have shown that pairing hemp-derived wellness products such as CBD with a fitness routine can help muscles recover faster and provide joint support. This makes Drop Shots an excellent choice for your brother who has taken to living in the gym 24/7. Our products can also help with easing pain and inflammation so he can go harder during his next workout. Delta 9 is a great option for this dude. Drop Shots also has flavored options, which are great to toss in his gym bag for on-the-go workout fuel.


Your Cool-Girl Cousin

She’s effortlessly cool, she’s always jet-setting to the latest ‘gram-worthy locale and she gets her 8 hours on her silk pillowcase…at least, that’s what she’s doing on social media. But between all that jet lag and content creation, we’d bet she’s not as put together as she’d like her followers to believe. Your cool-girl cousin will love supplementing her nightly wellness routine with one of our water-soluble options. Sleepy time tea is out, THC is in. Just ask her to tag us in her next reel, please?


Your Anxious Aunt

There’s always that one person who everyone agrees could benefit from a little bit of chill. Family gatherings would be so much more enjoyable! The group chat would be a little less hectic! But no one wants to tell them. You can save Christmas for everyone this year by gifting them Drop Shots. Of course they’ll have a zillion questions, but you’ll be prepared because we’ve got a whole education guide on our website. Anxious Auntie can rest assured that this gift is totally above-board because Drop Shots doesn’t endorse the use of recreational marijuana—so all of our products are of the highest lab-tested quality. 


Your Secret Santa

Ahh, the office White Elephant party: where gifts range from bottles of not-quite-top-shelf booze to the latest As-Seen-On-TV-gadgets. Shake things up this year and bring Drop Shots! No one will be expecting it, but we can bet it’ll be the most-stolen gift at this year’s soirée. You’ll want to be sure your boss is cool with this kind of gift obviously, but since all of our products are hemp-derived and compliant with the legal limit of less than .3% THC, you should be in the clear! (Or just to be safe, save this one for the Friendsmas Secret Santa. We hear a Chia Pet is a lovely option for the office party.)


Stuff Your Stocking

Don’t forget the most important person on your listYOU! Treat yourself to some silent nights and chill-out cheer with your own little stocking stash! It’s been a tough few years, and Drop Shots may help with your own holiday anxiety that has been building up. In addition to all of our liquid options, we also carry gummies from PharmaXtracts that could make your season bright. 


If, even after this CBD gift guide, you’re still not sure what option is best, we’ve still got you. We offer Drop Shots e-gift cards for that special someone who could really use a little relaxation in their life. So whether you choose Delta 8, Delta 9, or another one of our many options, you’re sure to sleigh that gift list this year. See what we did there?.