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Surviving the Holidaze with Drop Shots

Did you feel that?

A slight chill in the air, a whiff of a merrily crackling fire, and suddenly it’s clear: the holidays are just around the corner.

First up: Thanksgiving. Time to don those stretchy pants and head to the home of your grandma, aunt or mother-in-law for the annual family feast! There’s a catch, though. Just as dreams of turkey and trimmings start to dance through your head, you suddenly remember—the whole family will be there too.


It can be difficult to enjoy your mouthful of mom’s sweet potatoes while your loud uncle is preaching his political principles, and going back for seconds isn’t quite the same when your cousin is making snide remarks about how your recent weight gain must be due to stress. Don’t even get us started on the questions surrounding your love life or why your dog doesn’t actually count as a grandchild.

Fear not, friends! We have an all-natural companion that will help you not only to survive, but THRIVE through your family holidays—no matter what they throw your way! This Green Wednesday, let us hit you with our best shot to ensure you enjoy every last bite on Turkey Day.

An All-Natural Way to Keep Stress at Bay

If you’re new to the world of CBD, Delta 8 and Delta 9; we’re here to hold your hand. There’s a lot to learn about Drop Shots and all of the associated benefits, but for now; let’s focus on getting you through the next few stress-filled months and elevating your Thanksgiving feast experience. First thing’s first, though—we’re not here to advocate getting toasted beyond recognition in front of your grandparents (or grandkids). That’s why all of our products contain less than the .3% legal limit of hemp-derived THC, so you can feel good about de-stressing while enjoying your dressing.

Benefits of CBD and Why Use CBD to Survive Holiday Stress

Drop Shots provide a discreet, disposable and holistic approach to feeling balanced without synthetic additives and other gross stuff. Studies have shown that adding CBD oil into your routine can improve your mood, calm your mind, and even relieve discomfort—all things that you’ll need to prepare for a day with the extended family.

Getting started with a CBD routine now will get you on the right track to catching all your zzz’s. That way, come Turkey Time; you’ll be well-rested and less irritable. When it comes to letting comments from annoying aunts roll off your back, a good night’s sleep can mean the difference between a placating smile and a snappy comeback.

There’s more to staying mellow than getting your forty winks, though. Studies have shown that CBD, Delta-8 and Delta-9 can uplift your mood and put you into a relaxed state, helping to “take the edge off” when things get stressful. That way, when your uncle starts ranting and raving, you can stay cool, calm and collected while having your second slice of pecan pie. Or pumpkin. Or both! No judgment—you’re feeling great and pie is good mood food.

Bringing Good Vibes to the Table

Drop Shots are sure to be your new best friend this Thanksgiving. Both their water-soluble options (which dissolve easily and tastelessly into your favorite beverage) and under-the-tongue oils provide a fast-acting, high absorption experience. They’re lab-tested and of the highest quality, so you can feel confident that you’re treating your body the very best with this pure and potent product. With a vial of Drop Shots in your pocket, this year’s holidays (or holidaze) are sure to be the most enjoyable ones yet. So, make sure to stockup on our CBD to survive your holiday stress.

Oh—and explaining that your dog totally counts as a grandchild? Can’t help you with that one. Sorry. We’re totally on your side, though.