About Us

We’re not a fan of smoke and mirrors sales tactics. Drop Shots was created because our founder Kent struggled with chronic pain and found relief using CBD and then partnered with CBD industry expert Charlie Hohorst to help others do the same. We want to help you live the life you choose. There’s nothing up our sleeves—except maybe a few vials of CBD. 

We wake up every morning and ask ourselves how we can be better. So far, our proprietary delivery system is the only one of its kind in the CBD industry. It’s discreet, disposable, marked for precise dosage and resealable preventing oxidation and contamination—and that’s just the vial! 


Drop Shots was developed after Kent was involved in a life-changing car accident and was unable to take opioid medications to restore his quality of life due to allergies. His doctors thought amputation may be necessary or at best Kent would not be able to walk without a cane. However, he overcame their prognosis and found relief from his chronic pain using CBD products. He’s able to do everything he could from before the accident without the use of medications.

It was on his journey towards holistic wellness that Kent met Cannabis Industry Consultant, Charlie Hohorst. The two soon partnered together to leverage APM’s unique packaging vials with Charlie’s CBD processing expertise to form Drop Shots.

Since then, they’ve made it their mission to help others find alternative relief with CBD oils formulated with the highest quality cannabidiols free of pesticides or chemicals for maximum efficacy.